Film Review – Les Miserables

Indeed the best thing you can do to escape boredom is to read your favorite book or you can just eat while watching a movie or film. Nowadays millenials are fond of reading fictional stories and or series like Harry Potter and Divergent series are one of the most favorite at all times. This not ends just by reading the book but watching it as they were published as a movie or a film. Last time we watched the film, Les Miserables that was written by Victor Hugo in 19th century. Basically the story started in 1862 at Paris; French Revolution. As the slaves or the criminals get off of the ship wreck 24601 was stopped by the captain Javert and was asked to retrieve the flag but it was hard for him because it was too heavy, after that he received a parole and has been invited into a priest’s home and that was how the story started, 24601 who was Jean Valjean wants to be free of being a slave.

“Don’t forget my name. I am Javert.” The captain said, who gave the parole to Jean Valjean and was named as 24601, the man who’s having a hard time to retrieve a flag. Upon receiving the parole he was full of anger because he was imprisoned for nineteen years – at hard labor – for breaking into a bakery, stealing a loaf of bread, then trying to escape from his life as a galley slave.

At this point he was invited into a priest’s home and was welcome as if he’s not an ex convict. By that time, he realised something, his heart filled with hope again because of the priest’s words. He torn the parole as a sign of being free of him. He decided to start again but not being Jean Valjean. He became a mayor and was called as Monsieur Madeliene. He noticed a commotion and there, he met Fantine who was forced to work as a prostitute for her to save Cossette’s life. Before Fantine’s death he made a promise to find Cossette. When he met Cossette, he took care of it as if it was his own child. All these years being Monsieur Madeliene, captain didn’t stop to find him. But in the end, Cossette fell in love with Marius and Valjean decided to tell the truth to Marius then leave after that. Marius and Cossette got married when the Thenardiers enters they brag about Jean Valjean. Marius forced them to tell where Jean Valjean is. Jean Valjean was about to die when the newlywed couple arrived. Jean Valjean was talking to Fantine in his mind. At that time Valjean confessed and Cossette assure him that she’s going to be okay.

The title itself already gives an idea as to what it means. Les Miserables is a French word which means, ‘the miserable ones’. The characters in the story, especially Jean Valjean was miserable.

He is miserable to escape and to be free of being a slave. And then he met Fantine, who’s working in the factory and was unemployed. She was forced to work as a prostitute to save her daughter’s life. Cossette who was treated like a slave, Marius of being in love to Cossette and Eponine who was miserably in love to Marius. Captain Javert who dedicated his life of being a captain, he was exhausted and is miserable that he ended his life. Slavery also depicts the story. The French people who starved in the streets and who cannot even protest in their own country. However, in the character of Jean Valjean he didn’t let this passed, he set his self free from slavery.

With this evidences, symbolism and imagery the author was able to show that people cannot be slave at any cost or instance clearly. The French revolution was given a justice by the use of the poetical manner of writing of Victor Hugo.